How to Register Your Business on DonorNation

Register_Business_DNRegistering your business on DonorNation’s online marketplace opens the door to vast communitywide benefits like promoting local commerce, raising funds for local schools, and connecting you to your community one purchase at a time.

By registering your business, you are promoting your product or service to everyone shopping on DonorNation, while also contributing a portion of your proceeds from the sale – up to 100% — to the local school of your choice (or the buyer’s choice). Money raised on DonorNation’s platform have helped fund classroom supplies, school programs, field trips, and other educational events for schools across San Diego County.

To register your business, simply follow these 7 easy steps:

1.  Visit DonorNation, and click Sign Up
2.  Select Sign Up as a Business
3.  Enter your name and email
4.  Fill in your business information, including a description of your business
5.  Include your payment information to accept payments
6.  Upload your business logo
7.  Click Submit

With just a few simple clicks, your business can be well on its way toward increasing brand awareness and sales, while supporting your community through localized philanthropy, community commerce and generous donations to your favorite neighborhood school. Start enjoying the benefits of being a registered business on DonorNation today, and visit our step-by-step tutorial to learn how to sell your product or service on DonorNation’s platform.


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