DonorNation Helps Holiday Shoppers Give Back One Purchase at a Time

Earn cash and give back to local schools this holiday season with DonorNation’s philanthropic e-commerce marketplace

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What is more fulfilling than giving a gift that keeps on giving this holiday season? Whether that means finding a great deal on the perfect gift, giving back to your community through holiday purchases, or earning a bit of extra cash for yourself during the holidays, the season provides endless opportunities to give back, earn more, and feel great about holiday shopping this year. What’s more is that all of this can be accomplished from within the comfort of your own home thanks to DonorNation, the marketplace with a heart.


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DonorNation, a philanthropic e-commerce marketplace, is helping out holiday shoppers by offering great deals on kids bikes, toys, tickets, electronics and more, while also benefiting neighborhood schools. DonorNation works like any other e-commerce site like Amazon or eBay, except that with each purchase, a portion of the sale price is donated to the local school of the buyer’s or seller’s choice – something for all holiday shoppers to be joyous about.

“Each year my Christmas list for others gets bigger and bigger and finding the right gift is challenging” said Diana Barnes, Program Development Coordinator at Harmonium, Inc. “I love how DonorNation not only has a wide variety of products, but also different discounted services, gift certificates, and even tickets to different events. I purchased a trampoline for only $50 for my nephews that they are going to love! And the fact that a portion of the money I spent goes to a school in my community, the McGill School of Success, makes it win-win for everyone!”


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More than 50 schools across San Diego County have already registered on DonorNation’s platform, earning thousands of dollars that have gone directly back to much-needed school programs, staff positions and parent-teacher associations. With each new holiday purchase on DonorNation, a local school earns anywhere from 10% to nearly 100% of the proceeds from the sale.

DonorNation’s e-commerce solution helps unlock the power of community by connecting merchants, consumers, schools and communities to its online marketplace. Registration on DonorNation is entirely free, and there are no up-front costs to individuals or businesses for posting items on DonorNation. Sellers list an item or service of their choosing, as well as select the percentage of the sale price they would like donated to schools. Proceeds are allocated to the school of your choice, or you can allow the buyer to choose a school. As a shopper, you are supporting local schools each time you purchase an item or service on the DonorNation marketplace.

To kick off 2014, DonorNation is hosting an extra special holiday auction to gear up for a brand new year of giving! Thanks to the generous support of a local San Diego couple, one winning bidder will enjoy a three-night stay at a luxurious 2-bedroom, 2.5-bath 2,200-square-foot Panorama Towers condo right in the heart of Las Vegas, all while helping out the San Diego school of their choice. The bidding function is one of the latest features launched on DonorNation. Many more exciting auction items are expected in 2014 with up to 100% proceeds benefiting local San Diego County schools and non-profits.

Give back this holiday season with a gift from DonorNation!



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