The Possibilities are Endless for 2014

New_Year_PossibilitiesWith 2013 at a close, we reflect on our accomplishments over the past year and look forward to the tidings a New Year will bring. As we ring in 2014, we would like to encourage our DonorNation family to continue making a difference in the lives of others throughout the coming year. Whether you resolve to volunteer more at your local school, assist an elderly neighbor, donate to a worthy cause, or become more active in your child’s parent organization, these community-minded resolutions can all be easily achieved with a resolute mindset and a desire to do good for others in the community.

Local volunteer opportunities in San Diego abound with a number of underserved communities needing a little help at every turn. Volunteering through your church or helping out at your child’s school are easy ways to help out a population you are already connected to, or trying out a new volunteer placement resource, like UCSD’s Volunteer50 Challenge or San Diego’s Volunteer Match, can get you involved in a brand new volunteer position that you may never have known existed before.

Recognizing others for their good deeds is also one of many ways to say ‘thank you’ to those who have made a difference in your community over the past year. If you know of a volunteer who has gone above and beyond the call of duty for your school, encourage your school’s principal to recognize that person by nominating him or her for DonorNation’s School Volunteer Award. Or if you want to get involved helping out more kids outside of the classroom, try becoming a Big Brothers, Big Sisters mentor this year. Everyday acts of kindness like stopping by an elderly neighbor’s house with a pre-made dinner, letting a fellow driver into a hectic, traffic-jammed street, or greeting a passerby with a genuine smile are also a few easy ways to give back each and every day of the year.

However you decide to help out your neighbors, colleagues, friends or even total strangers, know that there are endless possibilities to volunteer and make a difference in the New Year. Make 2014 a year of giving by spreading your cheer or lending a hand to someone who needs a little help this coming year. Tell us, how will you resolve to make 2014 brighter?


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